The Transgender Oral History Project of Iowa (TOPI) recognizes, collects, preserves, and celebrates the lives and stories of transgender and gender non-conforming people across the state of Iowa, while simultaneously building a digital archive of transgender history. A primary goal of the project is to empower transgender and gender non-conforming communities to collect and preserve their own histories by training trans-identified people in the methodology of oral history. The project also looks to the trans community in defining its content and the definition of its boundaries (participants, questions, etc.). Including transgender and gender non-conforming people as both storytellers and interviewers engages the entire community in history-making. It also disrupts possible forms of oppression and violence trans people encounter when telling their stories to community outsiders. The collection of oral histories provides many opportunities for the celebration of transgender history through the production of a digital archive and pop-up exhibit as well as community gatherings and the founding of a symposium on transgender history.