Humanities departments are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their relevance to the ever-changing contemporary job market. History Corps offers one medium through which UI instructors can link digital scholaship with teaching, all while helping students hone the research, critical thinking, and writing skills at the heart of the History Major.

Faculty and graduate instructors at UI have begun developing new, digitally-based semester assignments aimed at helping students define, research, craft, and post digital history assignments. This not only raises the stakes on the traditional end-of-term paper by making it available online, the collaborative process beind the development of such exhibits gives students a tangible product they could return to during the application and interview processes for entry into graduate school and/or the professional world.

Visit the links below for exhibits developed by undergraduate courses in the History Department at the University of Iowa:

Global Indigenous Strugges Since 1900, Fall 2014 (instructed by Eric Zimmer, UI Department of History)

Museum Literacy and Historical Memory, Fall 2014 (instructed by Professor Jacki Rand, UI Department of History)